My reasons for developing a skincare line of my own are probably a bit different from those of other dermatologists who have done similar things.

Having garnered a reputation as one of the cosmetics experts of the American Academy of Dermatology, I am constantly asked not only to consult on the development of other lines, but also to recommend cosmetics products to patients. I really need to be familiar with virtually every product available! As an expert, however, I find the false promises made by many cosmetic lines to be very distasteful. Patients are consistently disappointed with the results they don’t see, and I have no interest in destroying my hard-earned reputation.
Having found few products that solve common skin problems to my satisfaction, I have strived to develop simple solutions that can be accessible to people who don’t have the chance to see me for a consultation. The moniker “Skin Appointments™” describes perfectly the goal behind my new product line – to have the opportunity to have an “appointment” with me to hear my philosophy on skin care – basic, utilitarian, pleasurable, and easy.
It is the common problems that people encounter on a daily basis and the daily routines that should be followed for optimal appearance which are the things I want to address with my new products. Each one addresses a specific area of concern which has been researched and recommended by me - not by a cosmetician or a salesperson in a department store. What make these products effective are the meaningful amounts of unique ingredients in each formula and the way I’ve combined them. They were chosen not for hype, or to make over-blown promises, but because they work incredibly well to solve the problems most people have.
So…….imagine yourself sitting in my office in New York City. You have told me you want to have better-looking skin. You ask how you can take care of your skin in a simple, yet effective way. Used regularly, Skin Appointments ™ will give you the kind of results my patients experience. You will enjoy their ease of use, their delicate fragrances and textures, and most of all, the peace of mind that comes in knowing you consulted a doctor about your skin care.
Ellen Gendler New York Dermatologist